Sinun apuasi tarvitaan

Sarah Schinke tarvitsee apuasi tutkintoaan varten, lue alla oleva esite ja ota suoraan yhteyttä Sarah:iin jos olet kiinnostunut auttamaan.

The mathematical learning experiences of European immigrants to New Zealand

I am looking for volunteers to participate in a study about the learning experiences of

European immigrants studying mathematics at undergraduate university level in New

Zealand. This study aims to find out some of the issues faced by these students and

to provide recommendations to help adapt them more easily when studying

mathematics at undergraduate level here in New Zealand.

I am looking for European immigrants who have come to New Zealand 10 or less

years ago who are studying mathematics in New Zealand at undergraduate level.

Participants will be required to participate in 2 1-hour interviews, scheduled to take

place at a time convenient to them within the next two months. By partaking,

participants may gain a greater understanding of some of the difficulties they are

facing when they are learning mathematics here in New Zealand and what possible

advantages they have by learning mathematics in their second language.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions or concerns, please

contact Sarah Schinke at 0212599554 or via email