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Auckland Finnish Society was established in 1977. We have about hundred people/families as members, some living in NZ permanently, some just visiting and wanting to keep contact with other Finns in Auckland area.

We celebrate traditional Finnish annual events, such as Pikkujoulu (pre-Christmas), Itsenäisyyspäivä (Independence Day), Vappu (Mayday) and Juhannus (Midsummer), although many return to homeland for the Nordic summer. Our members also meet in smaller groups for movie nights, shows, unofficial Eurovision watch parties, picnics, fitness classes and catch up with other Finns about everything under the sun on Facebook (including where to get the best salmiakki). Aucklandin suomalaiset – Finns in Auckland is a moderated Facebook group you can ask to join if you plan on settling or travelling in Auckland. We also have our public, official society page Facebook at Auckland Finnish Society Inc. You may have come across our society in some cultural events and Christmas markets if we’ve have had enough blueberry-pie-baking volunteers 😉

There is a whole new generation of little Finns growing up in Auckland and we water them with Juniorikerho (Kids club) which meets approximately once a month. In conjunction, informal language classes have been set up from time to time. Our small ‘tanhu’ folk dance group has been practicing traditional routines in Finnish national costume. See more under Activities and check out our photo galleries!

In the past we’ve also done occasional sporting activities such as pesäpallo (Finnish baseball), sähly (floorball), mölkky (Finnish wooden pin game) and keilailu (tenpin bowling), but we have had hard time finding enough participants to form a team or a recurring regular event. Every now and then we socialise with other Scandinavian societies, and one year we even went ice skating with the Canadian Club!

We are open for any suggestions for more activities you’d like to attend or organise, or to help organise. Just contact us via email on finnishsociety@gmail.com

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