About Us

Auckland Finnish Society was established in 1977. We have about hundred people/families as members, some living in NZ permanently, some just visiting and wanting to keep contact with other Finns in Auckland area.

We are active in celebrating the traditional Finnish annual events, such as Christmas, Independence Day, Vappu (Mayday) and  Juhannus (Midsummer). We organise movie nights, meet in town for shows and catch up in general in Aucklandin suomalaiset – Finns in Auckland Facebook group. You may have seen us in annual cultural events and Christmas markets if we’ve have had enough blueberry pie baking volunteers ;)

Our Juniorikerho (Kids club) meets monthly, and in conjunction, language classes have been set up from time to time. Our ‘tanhu’ folk dance group gets together from time to time and performs at events in Finnish national costume. In the past we’ve also done occasional sporting activities such as pesäpallo (Finnish baseball), sähly (floorball), mölkky (Finnish wooden pin game) and tenpin bowling. We socialise with other Scandinavian societies too, and one year we even went ice skating with the Canadian Club!

We are open for any suggestions for more activities. Just contact the society via email on finnishsociety@gmail.com

Key People: Committee 2018–2019



Heikki Hietala



Vice President
Liisa McLellan



Henna Hyytiä




Essi Pölhö


Committee members:



Marja-Liisa Philbert




Maria Niva



Tapio Johansson




Sofia Korhonen